Artificial Intelligence for Diabetes

About us

The idea behind this website is to nurture and develop the research community dedicated to Artificial Intelligence in Diabetes (AID). The complexity of diabetes prognosis and management has lead to Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming a key technology for providing solutions that empower both patients and caregivers in their everyday life. There is a large body of research on AID published in AI conferences, AI-Medical (Health Informatics) conferences, AI-Medical journals, as well as research applying AI in Medical and Healthcare institutions. Several publicly-funded projects have been carried out, such as: EMPOWER, MOBIGUIDE, COMMODITY12 EU, DIADVISOR, DIABEO, and the recently launched PEPPER project. The website aims to provide a platform to collate all of the research conducted to date. As such, it will include a repository of publications, journals, conferences, research projects in a collaborative setting, as well as to link with patient associations related to the illnesses. The website will therefore be an indexed, searchable resource for research into artificial intelligence for diabetes, facilitating the comparison of research results, and sharing of resources.

Impact on AI community:

This activity will create impact by providing a reference entry point to the current status of AI research on Diabetes. This will enable the definition of new goals, avoiding duplication effort, and favouring the progressing of solutions beyond the state of the art.

Impact on Society:

There are currently an estimated 415 million people who suffer from diabetes around the world, and that figure is predicted to increase to 642 million by 2040[1]. In the EU alone, an estimated € 700 billion per year is spent on chronic diseases. Diabetes accounted for at least €578 billion in health expenditure in 2014 (11% of total spending on adults).



Pau Herrero

[Pau Herrero is a Research Fellow at Imperial College London, United Kingdom] ...
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Beatriz Lopez

[Beatriz Lopez is a lecturer at University of Girona, Spain] ...
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Clare Martin

[Clare Martin is a lecturer at Oxford Brookes University] ...
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Clare Martin, Beatriz Lopez and Pau Herrero work on the PEPPER Project:

PEPPER Project

The PEPPER (Patient Empowerment through Predictive Personalised decision support) project brings together computer scientists, clinicians and industry leaders to create a personalised decision support system for diabetes management. ...
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[The initiators would like to thank Pablo Gay and Cristian Roman, both members of the PEPPER consortium, for their work on creating this website.]